Nov 29, 2021 DEADMEN & DRAGONS

Originally aired: Saturday, December 18 2021

Replay available until Friday, December 25, for Deadmen & Dragons Ultimate and Platinum Meet & Greet ticket holders.

Plus special guest: Fit For An Autopsy

Part two of the two-part series, Deadmen & Dragons, is the second installment from Trivium’s first livestream series from “The Hangar,” their brand new HQ.

“Deadmen & Dragons is the celebration of the last two years — two albums, The Hangar, the Metal Tour of the Year, and of course A Light Or A Distant Mirror. The moment we knew that touring was off the table in 2020, we shifted focus back to the creative process. This stream is the closing of this unexpected chapter of Trivium and the beginning of a new one full of many exciting possibilities with The Hangar.”

Paolo Gregoletto

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Trivium - Hangar